Meet all your track and field event needs with the best in the business.

The investment you make in track surfaces and track and field events deserves the expertise of a professional. With clients in more than a dozen states across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, Precision Sports Surfaces provides comprehensive track and field services for schools, universities, colleges and more. We have nearly 30 years of expertise backing each and every project we do, and we see every project through — start to finish.

  • New Construction

    Need to put in a new track, or field events? That’s what we do, and we’ve been doing it for 30 years. We build high-quality tracks for schools, universities, colleges and more. We can:

    • Construct a brand new track or field events where none currently exist
    • Develop a budget, timeline, drawings and specifications
    • Determine the best location for your track
    • Provide an overview of the entire process, from start to finish
    • Serve as a general contractor, managing civil engineers, architects and subcontractors

    Track Surface
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  • Renovation

    When elements of a track and field complex need to be repaired or brought up to current standards, renovation can be the solution. We can:

    •  Determine the exact renovation services your track or field events require
    •  Help you understand why the track needs renovation
    •  Target ways to mitigate possible future issues
    •  Repair a track requiring significant maintenance
    •  Bring an older track to current athletic standards
    •  Add optimally placed field events to an existing track complex

    Track Surface
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  • Resurfacing

    Track surfaces require maintenance and periodic resurfacing. We can:

    •  Determine if you need renovation or resurfacing - our consultations are complimentary
    •  Analyze the cause of any premature wear and tear to your track
    •  Develop a plan for avoiding premature wear and tear in the future

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  • Track Lining

    Track lines must conform to specific parameters that are unique depending on the institution. We line to these standards using a computer-generated program. We can:

    •  Provide new track lining to appropriate standards
    •  Reline a track when lines have faded
    •  Establish a periodic relining program to ensure that lines remain fresh

    Read a reference letter from one of our lining clients (PDF)

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  • Patch Kits

    Patch kits can be an appropriate fix for minor, isolated wear-and-tear issues like small gouges or areas of wear and tear. We can:

    •  Assess the area of concern based on photographs
    •  Determine if a kit is the appropriate fix
    •  Ship you a boxed kit including rubber, adhesive and instructions

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  • Our experience with Precision Sports Surfaces, Inc. has been extremely positive over the years. Their professionalism and loyalty makes them our ideal customer!

    - Jim Little, President, Sparton Enterprises, Inc