Top 3 Considerations for a Successful Running Track Project

Top 3 Considerations for a Successful Running Track Project

We've been in business for 30 years and completed over 1,500 projects. Along the way we've learned a lot about the process of completing a running track project. From start to finish, here are are the top 3 things we recommend for a successful running track project.

1. Plan Ahead with an Expert on Your Team

Our most successful experiences start with several advance meetings with the owner and their designer. These happen six months or a year in advance of the pricing and/or bidding phase. Detailed specifications, AutoCAD drawings and custom budgets can be prepared per your request. Precision Sports Surfaces has even invested in the development of an AIA course in track and field construction. We are committed to sharing that which we have learned by past successes.

2. Insist on a Track Expert as Your Prime Contractor

You are having someone build a “gym floor” outside using highway construction machinery and techniques. It is magical that the tolerances are ever achieved.

An experienced running track builder knows the proper phasing for a satisfactory project. We don’t build the fence before the bulk of the work inside the fence is done. We don’t use the brand new asphalt paving as a road for other construction activities.

We have found that most building contractors are learning about track and field construction for the first time. They often make mistakes. Often this is because they introduce the low bid subcontractors to an already challenging construction process.

Precision Sports Surfaces has built numerous complex projects that have involved demolition, soil rehabilitation, utility upgrades, drainage improvements, steeplechase water structures, concrete, asphalt, and specialty hardware. We know how to get things done. The rubber surface which is installed by our in-house specialists is icing on the cake.

The other reason to use us as a prime contractor is your time. You won’t spend management time in non-productive meetings arguing about product quality or dealing with a contractor that has not paid their subcontractors and suppliers. Unfortunately, this happens often.

3. The Schedule

Missed completion dates are an owner’s worst nightmare. An experienced running track builder like Precision Sports Surfaces knows the proper phasing, time requirements and weather conditions needed to achieve completion by the specified date. Most building contractors do not have our extensive foresight and experience.

We will leave you with a few classic thoughts. Paving in the snow is never a good idea. Building a track surface during the rainy season is never a good idea. Installing a track surface when the temperature is too low never works out well. Let Precision Sports Surfaces and its Certified Track Builder guide you through the process.